$ 200,000 USD


Open Cups - Phase 1

Phase 1 is two weeks long, using the in-app system. The Top 1024 teams in each region will progress to Phase 2, which will take place on ESL Play.

Phase 2 consists of 12 playdays. Every 2 playdays, half of all remaining teams will be eliminated until each region is left with their Top 16 teams. Each playday is 4 matches long, and will take place on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays,

Open Finals are played over 2 days, 5 matches per playday. After 10 matches we will crown the champion!

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Hãy cùng tham gia với các đồng đội của mình và so tài với hơn 18.900 đối thủ từ khắp nơi trên thế giới!


Snapdragon Pro Series là nền thể thao điện tử di động phát triển nhanh nhất thế giới. Người chơi được trao cơ hội có 1-0-2 để có thể cạnh tranh với những đối thủ khác trong khu vực tại khắp các tựa game hot nhất hiện nay. Chương trình bao gồm ba cấp độ thi đấu, cho phép người chơi ở mọi trình độ đều có thể cạnh tranh và giành chiến thắng.

On the events page in-game, you can find information on how to sign-up.

Sign up with the same teammates you qualified with on ESL Play. Find the correct tournament and click sign-up on the right side of the page. To check in, go to the same page you signed up on, and click check in! If you have any questions, please reach out to ESL admins in the Snapdragon Pro Series Discord.

Ages 16 or older from allowed regions, game and mobile ID linked to an ESL Play account with no illegal characters in your name.

Bạn có thể gửi vé hỗ trợ trên trang web của ESL, hoặc bạn cũng có thể liên hệ với đội admin trong Discord!

Of course not! You earn points based on your performance. But, the more games you play, the higher chance you have to advance!

Lobby information can be found on your group's match page, and also posted in the Snapdragon Pro Series PUBG Mobile lobby info channels.

If your team is found to have broken a rule during the play day, you could lose your points. If you are unsure why you did not receive points, please submit a support ticket. If your points are innacurate, please be patient! Points are not usually counted until the end of the night. If you notice your points are still inaccurate on the next play day, please submit a support ticket.

Please check the rules for when roster changes are permitted.

The Snapdragon Pro Series is hosting the PMCO in Europe, MENA, Africa and North America.